Jaws The Shark has announced his debut EP with new single, ‘Still Young’

The EP is coming in February via Nice Swan Records.
Photo Credit: Rob Crawford

Jaws The Shark has dropped his new single ‘Still Young’.

It’s an no holds barred indie-grunge number from upcoming debut EP ‘Another Day In Paradise’, set for release on 11th February via Nice Swan Records.

“‘Still Young’ is basically a track about self analysis,” he explains. “It’s pretty much saying not to be too critical of ourselves overall and not to dwell on the past, but to remain positive that where there is a past, there is also a future, and that’s exciting. That we’ll never be too old to make positive changes. The self analysis aspect can be heard when I detail some of the things that I like “never mind (the album by nirvana) and a glass of water, a cool breeze in the heart of summer”. This is saying, this is me, here I am, these are the things I like and I’m ok with that. But also that I’m still young enough to be able to change parts that I’m not too happy with about myself.”

Check it out below, and catch Jaws The Shark live at an EP launch party on 12th February, at Sebright Arms, London.

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