Jaws The Shark releases new single ‘That Feeling’ – listen

It follows the debut EP of earlier this year 'Another Day In Paradise'.
Photo credit: Rob Crawford

Jaws The Shark has released a new single ‘That Feeling’.

It follows the release of debut EP ‘Another Day In Paradise’ earlier this year, with another expected very soon.

Speaking about his latest release, Olly explains: “I wrote this song in a different way to how I usually would. The music came first but I was going through a creative slump and just couldn’t come up with a melody or lyrics. Sometime later I remember walking through a park near my flat, just listening back to the instrumental part and suddenly having the idea to write about the fact that I had writer’s block and so the song became about that. It was like I’d been in a dark room and finally found the light switch. From then on I just wrote about the things I’d been doing to try and get over that hurdle and it all flowed from there. I really love the pace of it, it’s frantic as hell and the final version has come out sounding really muscular, which I have to credit my producer Larry (Hibbitt) for. He got the vibe of the track immediately and knew exactly where it needed to go musically.”

You can check out ‘That Feeling’ here:

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