Jay Som has debuted a brand new single, ‘Tenderness’

It's latest taster of second album 'Anak Ko'.

Jay Som has dropped a brand new single.

Titled ‘Tenderness’, it’s latest taster of second album ‘Anak Ko’, which is set for release on 23rd August via Lucky Number.

The track is described by Melina Duterte (for it is she, etc) as “a feel-good, funky, kind of sexy song” about “the curse of social media”.

It’s “definitely about scrolling on your phone and seeing a person and it just haunts you, you can’t escape it,” she explains.

“I have a weird relationship to social media and how people perceive me—as this person that has a platform, as a solo artist, and this marginalized person. That was really getting to me. I wanted to express those emotions, but I felt stifled. I feel like a lot of the themes of the songs stemmed from bottled up emotions, frustration with yourself, and acceptance.”

You can check out the video for ‘Tenderness’ below.

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