Jehnny Beth has released her music-video-slash-short-film, ‘We Will Sin Together’

Her debut solo album's out now, too.

Jehnny Beth has released her short film, ‘We Will Sin Together’.

Arriving alongside her debut solo album ‘To Love Is To Live’, the clip is billed as “music video as film; high-art pop seamlessly blending sound and vision.”

A press release explains: “Focused on an intimate encounter of male and female alter egos exploring pleasure, power and transformation, the film also features religious and mythological iconography throughout. Over five individual scenes, subtle references to specific moments in Catholic, Roman and Greek narratives are made – the Virgin Mary; Cupid and Psyche; Pluto and Proserpina; Michael and Lucifer; and Satyr and Hermaphroditus.”

Give it a watch below.

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