Jelly Boy’s new song ‘Lavese Los Manos’ was inspired by U-bends

His new EP ‘Everybody Is A Universe’ is due for release on 5th April.

Jelly Boy has dropped a new track from his upcoming EP.

‘Lavese Los Manos’ follows on from ‘Give Up And Gamble’, with both tracks taken from ‘Everybody Is A Universe’, due for release on 5th April via Cannibal Hymns.

Benji Compston says of the track: “I met a guy once who told me how he once lost something precious down the U-bend of a sink and assumed it was irretrievable, only to have a more practically minded person remind him what a U-bend is for. I guess that’s what this song is about. I also compulsively wash my hands and like Lorca.”

The EP will also feature ‘Terminal Island (Everybody Is A Universe)’, ‘Coffee Without End’ and ‘Fish Bandits’.

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