Jessica Winter has dropped a new single, ‘Choreograph’, her first for new label Lucky Number

It comes alongside a video inspired by the film 'Singin' In The Rain'.

If you keep an eye on this kind of thing, you’ll have noticed Jessica Winter‘s name popping up rather a lot of late.

Writing with the likes of Phoebe Green, Walt Disco and Sundara Karma, getting a nod from The Big Moon’s Jules for helping her make sense of things when writing comeback track ‘Wide Eyes’, producing newcomers Dog Race’s debut single ‘Terror’ – one search of our big pop inboxes proves it. She’s been everywhere.

Now, she’s announced she’s signed to independent label of note Lucky Number, and has dropped a brand new, self-produced, new single, ‘Choreograph’.

Speaking about the track, Jessica explains: “Choreograph was born out of frustration, and from the desire to fully experience life and love in the present moment.”

It comes alongside a video inspired by the film ‘Singin’ In The Rain’, which you can check out below.

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