Jimothy Lacoste has debuted a trippy new video for his seductive single, ‘Getting Acid’

He's confirmed a release date for his upcoming debut album, too.

Jimothy Lacoste has debuted a trippy new video for his seductive single, ‘Getting Acid’.

The follow-up to ‘Getting To Fly High In The Sky’, ‘Always Improving’ and ‘Humble’, the hand-drawn, animated clip was created by Soo Hyun Namkoong and directed by Daniel Harris, with Jimothy’s altered emotions reflected in the changing colours around him.

“Come to my world and experience Jimothy’s mind and thoughts,” he says, “it’s fun, scary, exciting and dark.”

‘Getting Acid’ features on Jimothy’s upcoming self-titled debut album, due on 24th July. He’s celebrating the record with a tour that runs throughout October, culminating with a big old night at The Garage in London.

Give the video a watch below.

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