joan have shared a brand new bop, ‘come over’

It arrives ahead of new EP 'hi', set for release later this year.

Top pop bopsters joan have shared a brand new top pop bop, ‘come over’.

Arriving ahead of new EP ‘hi’, set for release later this year, they explain: “We’re releasing a song a month for the rest of the year compiling into two eps centred around the beginning and ending of relationships, titled ‘hi’ and ‘bye’. ‘come over’ is the second single from ‘hi’ – it’s about that crazy feeling you have about someone you just met, but just know that if something could spark, neither of you would ever look back. This song was trying to capture a very specific moment in time where the chemistry after meeting someone is just too tangible to ignore.

“While writing ‘come over’ this song seemed to kind of just fall into our laps. Every decision we made while writing and producing the song just felt natural and right for the song. We just HAD to put slap bass in there and we just HAD to put strings in bridge, and we just HAD to shoot the music video on vhs broadcasting equipment from the 90s!”

Course you did, lads. Just had to.

You can check out ‘come over’ below.

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