joan have announced their debut album, ‘superglue’, with a new single drop, ‘flowers’

The 12-track LP will be released in full on April 18th via Photo Finish Records.
Photo credit: Conor North Goad

Arkansas alt-pop duo joan have shared ‘flowers’, the second single from their newly-announced debut album, ‘superglue’.

The new track is the second song to be shared from the album following the previous single, ‘don’t wanna be your friend’. The 12-track LP will be released in full on April 18th via Photo Finish Records; three years in the making, it follows four EP releases and details the pair’s transition into fatherhood.

On the single, Alan Benjamin Thomas and Steven Rutherford have said: “I remember running around the streets of my best friend’s neighborhood after midnight, skipping around from friend to friend’s house. I remember rushing to my friend’s house after school to rehearse our new songs in his garage. I remember driving around town after the sun went down just because we could. you make so many memories in those formative years. You never think to yourself, ‘this won’t last forever’, but then you grow. It happens slowly – years go by, and seasons change. That’s just life. If you’re lucky, some of those people stick around. but for a lot of us, you’re left asking, ‘why don’t we talk anymore?’ That’s what this song is to us.”

“It’s totally wrecked our world and we both have been going through a lot of the same growth that comes alongside being a parent,” joan have shared on the album’s creation. “It’s changed our whole process of writing, and way more than just like having a kid and making every song about them. It’s made us think more about who we are as people, what we want to put into the world and what we want to get out of it, just reflecting on life way more than I think we ever have.” 

“This album as a whole is about the past and the present happening at the same time, it’s about dreams for the future and hoping for a better tomorrow but missing yesterday,” they continue. “It’s by far the best and most meaningful music we’ve ever made, it has something for everyone, and we hope it means something to you too.”

You can listen to ‘flowershere, and watch the official music video below:

You can pre-order ‘supergluehere – the full tracklist reads as below:

1. life death & everything between
2. simple
3. loner
4. nervous
5. backseat driving
6. coffee shop
7. don’t wanna be your friend
8. monsters
9. hi
10. feeling like dancing
11. falling in love
12. flowers

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