joan have announced two new EPs with their new misery bop, ‘don’t say you love me’

The EPs are called 'hi' and 'bye'.
Photo credit: Conor North Goad

joan have announced two new EPs, ‘hi’ and ‘bye’, due out later this year.

The news arrives alongside ‘don’t say you love me’, a song about a failing relationship, the second taster track following recent drop ‘so good’.

The band explain: “this song was in demo land for about 6 months. we loved the chorus that we had a lot, but could not find a verse that felt right for the life of us. one day last month we met and wrote with michelle buzz and hit it off right away. she’s the first person we’ve ever let in as far as writing lyric and melody to a song – she’s an absolute rockstar, and was the perfect partner to make this song what it came to be.”

Of the wider project, they add: “With this project, we’re shooting a proper music video for each song with our favorite director in the world, brandon waddell. while thinking on the concept for this song, our brandon brought up the idea of doing a chatroom type performance from a bedroom. we’ve been thinking of a way to incorporate fans for a video shoot, and this one felt like the perfect opportunity to do so. we put out a casting call on social media, had thousands of fans reach out, and put the quickest responders in the video. this song and video is extremely special and important to us – it feels like a milestone we’ll look back on and remember when we’ve been a band for 50 years :)”

Check out ‘don’t say you love me’ below.

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