Joan have shared ‘something special’ – which is a song title rather than a review of the track, but let’s go with that anyway

It's from a new EP 'hi', which will come alongside another new EP, 'bye'. Obviously.

Joan have shared a new track, ‘something special’.

Previewing their forthcoming new EP ‘hi’ (which will be joined by a partner EP ‘bye’ later this year), the duo explain: “This song makes you feel so nice, and if you disagree, we can’t be friends. Sorry, but it’s true.

“This song started as a Doobie Brothers tribute song, just having some fun one day. We were just messing around with keyboard sounds and came across the chords to what are now the chorus chords. We looked at each other and said “wow this feels special, ohhh special. let’s write around that word.” And then all the sudden the lyrics to the chorus fell into place and we just got more and more excited with each minute that passed. The rest of the song just kind of worked itself out.”

And that’s definitely exactly how it actually happened, Dear Reader.

“We’re both happily married to our wives, and both of our stories include us feeling like we connected like best friends and then realized “oh, i’m in love with my best friend, that’s so lucky.” That’s what this song is about, knowing there’s more than just a friendship there, and hoping the other person feels the same. There isn’t a feeling quite like that, feeling so deeply about someone on a friendship level and also feeling such a deeper love than friendship. We’re lucky to have both experienced that, life is good.”

How lovely. Check out ‘something special’ below.

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