Joey Fourr premieres new video for ‘Uhmericka’

The single is part of Fierce Panda’s 2016 singles club.
Joey Fourr has released a lyric video for super-topical new track, ‘Uhmericka’ – check it out below, first on Dork.

The single is part of Fierce Panda’s 2016 singles club, and precedes Joey’s upcoming second album ‘Velvet Realness’, due next spring.

“I have a luv-hate affair with the myth of Uhmericka,” says Joey of the track, which is something of a love letter to the country. “I have a luv-hate affair with how it balances atrocities against its own people as well as doing whatever horrific things it wants outside of its border yet as a creative culture it can be a beautiful source of inspiration for the popular, the colourful, the cartoony and the unreal. Every colour you can imagine is physical. Everything it touches seems to shimmer, for the good and the bad are both ugly. Beauty is set at an unbelievably high standard, allowing so our imperfections thrive and live on, we decide what happens next with forks spinning in hot spaghetti.”

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