Josh Homme + Metronomy = not happening

Turns out Joe Mount turned down a cheeky offer from Josh Homme not too long ago…
Yes you are reading this right. Those dreams of Metronomy and Josh Homme working together on a record have been well and truly shattered, with Joe Mount stating that they’re both a bit too controlling to ever work together.

Speaking to Classic Pop magazine, Metronomy main-man Mount recalled a time where they almost became one.

“It was a very tentative ‘Let’s make a record together!’ approach. The thing is, Josh and I are both control freaks, so I don’t think it would work. Josh is a really great musician, who’s made some fantastic music. But his music always sounds identifiably like him, and I fear it would dilute what I do too much.”

Don’t worry mate, think Homme is a bit too focused on new Queens Of The Stone Age at the moment, recently saying they were “locked in” ahead of recording a new record. It follows his recent stint producing Iggy Pop’s latest ‘Post Pop Depression’

Mount is definitely in a collaborative mood though. After working with Robyn on latest record ‘Summer 08’ – he’s now working with the Scandinavian pop icon on her own upcoming album.

“The songs we’ve written for Robyn’s album are varied. Some are like classic ‘90s Robyn pop, but we’re also pushing my writing to sound a bit more modern, to match her up-to-date mind. Robyn is still figuring out what to do with her album, so my songs might not even be used. But it’s been so much fun working with Robyn that I wouldn’t mind.”

‘Summer 08’ is out now.

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