K.Flay has dropped a brand new single, ‘It’s Been So Long’

K.Flay's latest track is out now.
Photo credit: Trent Barboza

K.Flay has shared her latest track, ‘It’s Been So Long’, as well as an accompanying music video.

The track comes after the release of her latest album, ‘Inside Voices / Outside Voices’, earlier this year, and sees K.Flay revel in a liberating, dance-heavy energy. It’s official video leans into that, with a cast of blow-up dancers alongside K.Flay in full karaoke superstar mode. You can watch the full video below.

Discussing the track, K.Flay shares: “There’s that moment after heartbreak or loss or pain when you emerge from the wreckage and finally feel good again – ready to go out dancing, ready to be yourself, ready to feel handsome – and it’s like you’ve been waiting all your life to get back to that place and it feels so so so good when you do get there. ‘It’s Been So Long’ is about that feeling.”

You can listen to ‘It’s Been So Long’ here.

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