Kamal. has released his new burn-out-inspired single ‘Kerosene’

"‘kerosene’ is about the frustration, pressure and isolation," he explains.

Kamal. has released his new single ‘Kerosene’.

Featuring singer Sie and produced by Jonny Coffer and J Moon, the track was inspired by burn out culture and arrives with a video shot in Las Vegas, where Kamal. has been recording new music.

He explains: “‘kerosene’ is about the frustration, pressure and isolation which is descending upon the younger generations specifically. the overwhelming exposure we are constantly subjected to via the internet, the burden of capitalistic and rugged individualistic principles which are reinforced by our governments, unaffordable living conditions and endless consumption; all of these are looming threats to our mental health, during a period of time when we are still trying to discover who we even are and what we live for.

“simply existing in modern society can feel like a chore, and i wanted this song to encapsulate how difficult it can be for young people to get by these days. it’s easy for us to become burnt-out and uninspired.

“I found sie online posting snippets of music, and found her writing style to be parallel to mine in it’s blend of the introspective and the existential, so the pairing seemed perfect, and i feel as though this song captures the essence of both of us very well.”

Check it out below.

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