Kamikaze Girls announce debut album ‘Seafoam’

It's out in June through Big Scary Monsters.
Kamikaze Girls have announced their debut album: ‘Seafoam’ is due on 9th June, through their new label, Big Scary Monsters.

“Coming off tour in November 2016 without a penny to our name and nothing on the other side of the airport was tough,” explains vocalist Lucinda Livingstone. “It was quite a low few months for me as I didn’t have a steady place to live and we just had the album recording looming over us.

“I was driving myself crazy most days. We had a good routine on tour and it was just all lost. A lot of ‘Seafoam’ is written from that perspective, just being in a hole with nowhere to go, feeling a bit numb to everything I guess.”

Watch their new video for ‘Berlin’ below.

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