Kanye is still mucking about as ‘The Life Of Pablo’ is reported to be hitting other streaming platforms

Look, Yeezy isn't going to stick by the rules. Even if they're his own.
Kanye is still fiddling, both with his songs and his ‘streaming’ ‘platforms’.

After returning Vic Mensa and Sia to ‘The Life of Pablo’’s ’Wolves’, and mucking about with the lyrics in ‘Famous’, now he’s made changes to a whole load of things in the album’s overall mix. There’s a list on Reddit of everything he’s changed – it’s mostly the odd phrase dropped here, a few backing vocals there. You can find the full rundown here.

It’s also reported that downloads have finally been sent out to those promised codes, while Mashable claims that – despite Kanye’s protests that it wouldn’t happen – the album will arrive on major streaming services this Friday.

April 1st.

Yes. Do your own punchlines.

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