Kanye West to be awarded for contributing to online culture

Next time someone tells you to be more cultured, just show them your Twitter timeline.
First we had Taylor Swift winning The Taylor Swift Award at the 64th annual BMI Pop Awards and now Kanye West has been honoured with an award so obvious it hurts.

Yeezy has won a special achievement award at the 2016 Webby Awards, which celebrate excellence on The Internet. Specifically, Kanye’s award is for “contributions to internet culture” and they don’t just mean he’s good at getting a couple of retweets. His latest album ‘The Life of Pablo’ was the first ever record to hit number 1 on the Billboard Charts off of streaming alone, which is pretty special.

Webby Awards executive director David-Michel Davies explained that Kanye has “leveraged the immense influence and addictive elements of streaming media to drive innovation on the Internet,” which basically means he’s a good at hype (and flogging memberships to TIDAL). Well done him.

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