Kanye West isn’t really going on Pointless Celebrities, obviously

Fake news. Everyone knows Kanye prefers The Chase.
Richard Osman ‘off of the telly’ has to be a habitual liar. Or he’s been hacked. He absolutely has to have been hacked. Because, if, by any chance, he wasn’t, then Kanye West could be appearing on Pointless Celebrities.

In a couple of tweets made this evening, the co-host of the BBC quiz, suggested that not only is Yeezy booked in for a slot in the new series, but he’s also set to present the US pilot of the show after seeing it “on a trip to London” and getting hooked.

No, the more we type this, the less we’re buying it too. But imagine!



Pointless, for any of our international cousins who aren’t aware, is a show where contestants have to compete to find the correct answer to a question that’s been identified the least number of times by a panel of 100 people. The celebrity edition of the show is the same, but with celebrities competing for charity.

If Kanye was to make a showing, he’d join a previous list of contestants including Adam Rickitt, Dave Benson Phillips, Richard Fairbrass and Sonia.

This is definitely fake news, right?

UPDATE: Yes. Definitely fake news.


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