Check out Karen O and Danger Mouse’s new collaborative album, ‘Lux Prima’

You can read more about the release in the April issue of Dork, too.

Yeah Yeah Yeahs’ Karen O and Danger Mouse have joined forces for a new project, and it’s out today: the duo’s joint album ‘Lux Prima’ is streaming online now.

“I didn’t know what it was going to be; we didn’t talk about it,” says Danger Mouse of their collab in the April issue of Dork. “I prefer working that way and just seeing what happens. The first week we did [title-track] ‘Lux Prima’, that showed us that it could be anything, go in any direction. 

“If you do a nine-minute song with a huge instrumental, it was like doing art. I remember that we didn’t have anyone expecting or waiting on us, there was just the two of us. We were playing a lot of 60s psychedelic stuff, soul and R&B from that same period. I always knew that I wanted her to get higher, get that soft, beautiful voice into more songs.”

Check out ‘Lux Prima’ below, and pick up your copy of Dork after the jump.

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