Katie Malco wants us all to ‘Be Good At Christmas’

T'is the season for a festive slow jam, with all proceeds going to charity.
T’is the season, apparently.

But even if you’re not quite feeling the full festive lure of mistletoe and wine, Katie Malco has just the thing. ‘Be Good At Christmas‘.

Teaming up with Andy Jenkins and Stephen Davidson (from hit indie-rock band Tellison), ‘Be Good At Christmas’ is the perfect yuletide slow-jam. Reflective and wishing for things to be a little different, the track takes wistful and wraps it up with a bow. Enough from us though, check the track out here.

If the song wasn’t gift enough, Katie is donating all proceeds from the track to help both people and animals via The Red Cross and The Blue Cross. Get the track and do something decent by heading here. It IS Christmas, afterall.


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