Kele has shared a new single, ‘True Love Knows No Death’

He's set to drop his new album ‘The Flames Pt. 2’ on 24th March via KOLA Records / !K7.
Photo credit: Flore Diamant

Kele Okereke is set to drop his new album ‘The Flames Pt. 2’ on 24th March via KOLA Records / !K7. In anticipation of the release, he’s shared a new single ‘True Love Knows No Death’.

In a statement, Kele described the song as “a love letter to people you’ve never noticed before”. He further explained, “Since the pandemic I’ve been spending a lot more time at home, walking around my neighbourhood a lot more, and noticing people that I hadn’t really noticed before. This song is an ode to the people that I see everyday, people that are living on the edge, choosing to live outside of society, for better or for worse.”

The album is a response to 2021’s ‘The Waves Pt. 1’ and Kele reveals, “I always knew that I would find a way out of that feeling, and I always knew I was going to make a response to The Waves. Fire is powerful, it is both creation and destruction and I wanted that tension to somehow be reflected in the music, the sound of being consumed by our desires, of feelings burning so intensely that they literally burn out.”

Kele was adamant that the sound of the record would be entirely created by his electric guitar and loop pedals. “Writing and recording a record within these parameters has forced me to become more creative as a musician, from the looped ambient textures to the brittle drum machine rhythms. It’s all made by my guitar and my loop pedals, and that’s how it will be performed.”

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