King Nun have announced their second album, ‘LAMB’ – it’s due in September

The band released their debut album back in 2019.

King Nun have announced their second album, ‘LAMB’.

The London-based band released their debut album ‘Mass’ in 2019, with this marking their first for Marshall Records. Due on 29th September, it’s preceded by new single ‘But We Live On The Beach’.

Frontman Theo Polyzoides says: “LAMB is about vulnerability. It’s about being true to yourself. It’s about retaining the part of you that is naive and optimistic and trusting, in the face of a world that will turn you into a fucking android if you give it even an inch.” exclaims Polyzoides.”

“So, LAMB is a metaphor for that Achilles heel, the part of you that is susceptible to trauma, emotional pain… all of these things,” he expands. “that’s the thing that rises to the occasion and is the most beautiful part of us… I think that, actually, if we all just tried to retain a bit of humanity, we’d probably make a better future.”

Check out the new single below.

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