KUB premieres new track, ‘Skin’

Check out the London up-and-comer's new single.
Tottenham-based singer-songwriter KUB has premiered his new track ‘Skin’ – check it out below, first on Dork.

“If I answered the question ‘What’s ‘Skin’ about?’ without thinking too much, I’d say that it’s just about sex,” he explains.

“I realise now that it’s about a little more than that. I think it’s about the first time I really learnt someone’s body, and how I subsequently forgot everything I’d learnt about anything else at all.

“That moment when you’re reduced from an anxious and analytical mess with a loose screw to the most basic and carnal state. Funny really, saying it like this… ‘Skin’ is about how there is no longer anything left to separate me from an animal.”

Taking his inspiration from artists like Jeff Buckley, Leonard Cohen and Tom Waits, as well as the London grime scene, ‘Skin’ follows on from KUB’s first single, ‘Paws’check it out here.

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