Kynsy is celebrating the release of her debut EP with a new video for ‘Elephant In The Room’

Give it a watch.

Kynsy is celebrating the release of her EP with a new video for ‘Elephant In The Room’.

Following on from the Irish newcomer’s debut singles ‘Cold Blue Light’ and ‘Happiness Isn’t A Fixed State’, it’s a cut from EP ‘Things That Don’t Exist’, also out today.

“A lot of the songs are based around the idea of how we as people are either being followed or chasing after things that don’t exist,” she explains. “We are followed by the things we see through technology, television, the news – things that derail and confuse our sense of reality. We also chase things that don’t exist. We ignore the fact that things could change in a blink, or chase idealistic dreams of the future based on things we’ve seen on TV or on phone screens.

“I found there to be a juxtaposition in the positive and negative aspects of things that don’t exist; how having hope can change peoples lives for the better, how art is made from things that were previously non-existent and how these life fulfilling aspects as well as the things that can derail us are constantly fighting each other in our thought processes.

“This EP is a dialogue between those positive and negative thoughts and emotions. I wanted the music to create a world of freedom, hope and playfulness while the lyrics focus on the struggle of fighting, running and coming to terms with all of the good and bad we find in things that don’t exist.”

Check out both the video and the EP below.

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