L Devine has announced her debut album for February 2024

'Digital Heartifacts' is coming early next year.

L Devine has announced her debut album.

‘Digital Heartifacts’ is set for release on 2nd February via AWAL, preceded by new single ‘Laundry Day’, the accompanying video for which completes a trilogy that she created with director Emilio Gamal Boutros and began with her recent tracks ‘Push It Down’ and ‘Miscommunikaty’.

L Devine says: “Writing ‘Miscommunikaty’ was the moment where I landed on the ‘Digital Heartifacts’ world. There are all these emotions, but they’re stored digitally. I have these little snapshots on my laptop of my life and of the place I was at mentally during the time I made the album. I just find it fascinating that all those emotions are just code on a computer.”

Check out the new single below; the album’s full tracklisting reads:

‘Eaten Alive’
‘Push It Down’
‘Slippin Away’
‘If I Don’t Laugh I’ll Cry’
‘On And Off’
‘Laundry Day’

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