La Mere has teamed up with Johnny Marr for new single ‘Devil In The Day’

"I felt inspired to make something joyful and fun," she explains.

La Mere – aka Massachusetts based musician / singer-songwriter Meredith Sheldon – has released a new single.

She’s teamed up with Johnny Marr for new single ‘Devil In The Day’. Produced by Anthony ‘Saffs’ Saffery (Cornershop), it arrives alongside the start of a new era for the musician.

She explains: “Something kind of cracked open in me last year and I found I had all of these lyrics and themes upwelling from such a long stretch of not writing, and it just started to flow out. My life has been beautiful and intense over the last years and I felt inspired to make something joyful and fun. To me this music feels like a celebration of everything I’ve come through and of where I am now–an integration.

“Johnny [Marr] was really instrumental in me getting back to singing and writing. I was lucky enough to do the backups on his latest record and in conversations over the following months he told me if I wrote an album he’d play on it, or whatever I wanted, to just get back to it and create. He reminded me that I could be a mother AND an artist. And I really love him for that.”

Johnny Marr adds: “Meredith has been on my songs and on our bus since 2014. She’s the Angel of the family with the voice to match. Now I get to play on her new songs. It’s a buzz.”

Check it out below.

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