LA Priest has dropped a new track, ‘Star’

It's taken from his upcoming third album, 'Fase Luna'.

LA Priest has returned with a fresh new single, ‘Star’, from his upcoming third album, ‘Fase Luna’.

The track was inspired by the LA Priest’s time living in Mexico, with ‘Star’ a reflection of his feelings of loneliness and longing for those he missed. Speaking about the song, he said: “I walked on the streets at sunset and at night with a dog that I found there and made up this song.”

In addition to the release of ‘Star’, LA Priest has also unveiled a DIY chord generator on his website. The generator was made when he was just 12, and is based on the code he created. It formed part of the record-making process for Fase Luna, and LA Priest explains: “The chord generator is a quick way to break out of habits when coming up with song ideas on guitar or other polyphonic instruments. I made it so that I could write dozens of song ideas and think outside the box a bit, and it helped me write half the songs on my latest album.”

‘False Luna’ is set to drop on 5th May via Domino.

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