La Roux has debuted a brand new track, ‘Gullible Fool’

It's the second preview of new album 'Supervision'.

La Roux has debuted a brand new track.

Titled ‘Gullible Fool’, it’s the second preview of new album ‘Supervision’, which is set to arrive on 7th February 2020, following up on previous single ‘International Woman Of Leisure’.

Elly Jackson explains ‘Gullible Fool’ “is the most special and meaningful song on the record for me, because I feel like it encapsulates a cycle of a life, and that couldn’t have happened if I wasn’t in the process of writing something else. It describes the feeling of being overly trusting, and living under the assumption that you shouldn’t need to protect yourself if you are nice to people. I think there comes a day in everyone’s life where you realise that it’s not that people aren’t to be trusted, but more that firm boundaries are necessary. And sometimes that can carry a sadness. ‘Gullible Fool’ covers several times in my life when I’ve been bullied and it’s taken me totally by surprise, and then moves into the build of the inner fortress to a place of safety and joy.”

It comes alongside a new video, which you can check out below.

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