Lady Gaga’s new single is produced By Kevin Parker

The Tame Impala man has been dappling his soothing magic all over Gaga’s upcoming comeback.
In a move that leaves us desperately wanting to find a leak or stream anywhere, it’s been revealed that Lady Gaga’s upcoming new single has been produced by none-other than Tame Impala’s Kevin Parker.

The psychedelic groover himself has had a hand in ‘Perfect Illusion’ the lead single from Gaga’s new record, which will be seeing the light of day next month (September). At some point. So that’s 30 days to choose from right there and one of them will have a new Gaga single in it.

The news was first teased by co-producer Mark Ronson a few months ago through a cheeky Instagram snap, but now it’s official – well, who needs Instagram!


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