LANY have announced their third album ‘mama’s boy’, and new teaser-bop ‘you!’

It's due in October.

LANY have announced their new album, ‘mama’s boy’.

Their third full-length, it’ll arrive on 2nd October via Polydor Records, with the news arriving alongside their new single, ‘you!’; the follow-up to recent drops ‘Good Guys’ and ‘if this is the last time’.

“There was only one person in the world I cared about hearing [last album] Malibu Nights,” says frontperson Paul Klein. “Now, there’s not one person in the world I don’t want to hear mama’s boy.”

The full tracklisting reads:

1. you!
2. cowboy in LA
3. heart won’t let me
4. if this is the last time
5. i still talk to jesus
6. paper
7. good guys
8. sharing you
9. bad news
10. when you’re drunk
11. anything 4 u
12. sad
13. (what i wish just one person would say to me)
14. nobody else

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