Laundromat has shared a bleepy-bloop tune about panic attacks, ‘Off’

You blew it, yeah.

Laundromat has shared the third and final track from his debut ‘Blue’ EP.

‘Off’ follows on from ‘Humans’ and ‘Slow Clap’, and was formed from a beat Toby Hayes came up with while travelling on the Victoria line one morning.

“Had to do an awkward beatbox under my breath to get down on my phone,” he explains. “Kinda just wanted it to be this pulsing slab of rhythm, with loads of bendy guitars. Took my drummer ages to be able to play it right, it nearly broke him I think.

“Lyrically it’s about panic attacks in the workplace, and the psychological spirals they send me in to. A whole lotta hiding in the toilet wishing I could turn off my nervous system. Real cheery stuff.”

Give it a listen below.

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