LAUREL marks the release of new EP ‘Petrol Bloom’ with a bold new video for ‘Appetite’

It’s a needed dose of synth-pop glory.

LAUREL has marked the release of her new EP ‘Petrol Bloom’ with a brand new video for ‘Appetite’.

Packed with poster swagger, it’s another bold step from LAUREL following on from the release of standout 2020 bangers ‘Scream Drive Faster’ and ‘Best I Ever Had’.

Speaking about the new EP, out today (December 3rd), LAUREL explains: “Petrol Bloom is the first part of my two part EP project. I wanted to release the music in real time so the records felt genuine in the moment of sharing them. I was inspired by the Charles Bukowski book ‘Burning in Water, Drowning in Flame’. In all my music to date my most consistent lyrical inspiration has come from the contrasts in emotions associated with love; feelings of anger, jealousy, hatred and despair at the same time as love itself. I have built upon my last album Dogviolet’s theme of the ugly within the beautiful. I wanted to find a similar name to my last album which embodied both sides of life – birth/death, beauty/ugliness to be seen as one – they cannot exist without the other. The word Bloom came from a feeling within that I am blooming and blossoming as a woman and an artist. The word Petrol signifies a fierce energy, and the destructive tendencies of mankind. Petrol Bloom represents the blossom and birth of fire; hot tempered lust, impulsive decisions, a tempest, new found love and anguish, literally screaming and driving faster.”

Check out ‘Appetite’ below:

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