Lauv and Anne-Marie have a dance down the fruit and veg isle for their new ‘fuck, i’m lonely’ vid

It's a cut from Lauv's upcoming debut, ‘~how i’m feeling~’.

Lauv has released a new video for his Anne-Marie collab, ‘fuck, i’m lonely’.

The single – which appears in season 3 of Netflix’s 13 Reasons Why – is the latest track from Lauv’s upcoming debut album, ‘~how i’m feeling~’.

“I’m excited to have ‘fuck, i’m lonely’ included on the 13 Reasons Why soundtrack,” he says. “I believe the show has done amazing work but as we release this song, I wanted to share my thoughts about the show with you: when you watch, watch thoughtfully – start with a close friend who you feel like you can be honest with.

“I met and saw Anne-Marie live for the first time when we played at Wembley together. She’s highly silly in a way that has swag, such a good performer and her outfits are crazy.”

Anne-Marie adds: “I love this song and I love Lauv. I’m so excited to share ‘fuck, i’m lonely’ with everyone. I never really like admitting that I miss someone after a break up. So here’s a song that does it for me. Enjoy!”

Check out ‘fuck, i’m lonely’ below.

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