Lav has shared her new single, ‘The Girls Before Me’

It’s the latest track to be revealed from the Billie Eilish-approved newcomer

Lav has revealed an effortlessly calming new track in ‘The Girls Before Me’

Speaking about the track itself, Lav explains that ‘The Girls Before Me’ “was written out of a deep insecurity of constantly comparing myself to past loves. Always wondering if when they look at you, they’re recalling just staring into a papermache they’ve built up of a before lover. Most of the time it’s all in our heads, and in this case it definitely was, however that didn’t make it any less real or painful to feel.”

With a notable fan in Billie Eilish (may have heard of her at some point in the past couple of years eh?), ‘The Girls Before Me’ follows on from the previously released ‘Wavvy’ and ‘From Me To The Moon’ as surefire signs that Lav’s about to make *quite* the mark over the coming months

Check out ‘The Girls Before Me’ below:

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