letlive. debut new track ‘Reluctantly Dead’

The band dropped the 'If I'm The Devil...' cut right in the middle of Radiohead-a-geddon.
You have to hand it to letlive. – they may not have known they were dropping a new track into a Radiohead tsunami when they agreed to debut ‘Reluctantly Dead’ last night, but they didn’t back down from the challenge.

The fresh cut was dropped as Daniel P Carter’s Rockest Record on his BBC Radio 1 Rock Show. Taken from forthcoming album ‘If I’m The Devil…’, you can check it out below.

Speaking about the track, vocalist Jason Aalon Butler explained that ‘Reluctantly Dead’ is, “essentially, as far as the idea of the song and the content, it’s simply me trying to figure out a way to humanise authority. For so long, i’ve put the blame on people taking power into their own hands and not really considering the fact that they were people to begin with. Authority for me was always a threat and it wore this mask that made it easy for me to talk shit and say I wanted nothing to do with it but in this song I’m just trying to humanise that and understand that people make mistakes. Trying to figure out the line and the threshold where people go over the line and how human is it to take that kinda power into your own hands and what you do with it when you get it.”

‘If I’m The Devil…’ is released on June 10th. You can check out recent interview with Jason Aalon Butler about the record here. [sc name=”stopper” ]

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