Let’s start some rumours about Oasis and Glastonbury, shall we?

Both brothers look like they'll be at the festival. We wonder...
Now the Glastonbury line-up is out, we may as well start a few rumours, right?

And if we’re looking for rumours, they should involve huge bands and secret sets. The bigger the better.

So say, for example, we were to point out that Liam Gallagher is on the Glastonbury poster – though not included in the list of artist times.

And, just imagine, we were to suggest it’s worth noticing that Noel is listed as being at Worthy Farm to introduce the brilliant film about Oasis, Supersonic.

Now, having both Gallagher brothers in the same place might be a reason to hire more security, but after a sort of peace broke out for Noel’s 50th birthday the other day…


They couldn’t could they?

Probably not. But, y’know. Maybe?

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