Lewis Capaldi has been presented with a glorious statue by students from his former school

Yes. It deliberately looks like that. And it's brilliant.
Photo credit: Wattie Cheung

Students at Lewis Capaldi‘s former school have unveiled a statue of the star.

Lewis was presented with the bronze sculpture at St Kentigern’s Academy in Blackburn, West Lothian, to mark the release of his second album, ‘Broken By Desire To Be Heavenly Sent’.

It took pupils and students six months to create the tribute.

Bryan Johnston, Principal Art Teacher at St Kentigern’s Academy, told the Daily Record: “The art department got involved with the concept after speaking to Lewis’ team and we decided to follow James Corden’s concept when he made the statue of David Beckham a few years ago.

“The statue for Beckham didn’t really look like David Beckham, so we did something similar to that, but wanted to link it to Lewis’ new album which has now been released.

“The art department at the school came up with the concept, and it went from there – we sourced a mannequin from a guy in Glasgow, took it back to school and built around it. The biggest challenge we faced was getting the face to look not quite right and a bit unusual and it went from there.”

It is, frankly, glorious. 5 stars. No notes. Best new statue.

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