Liam Fender has released his debut single, ‘Love Will Conquer’

The long-awaited debut track has arrived today, October 17th, via Humble Angel Records.

Liam Fender has just shared his debut single, ‘Love Will Conquer’.

The Geordie artist is a lifelong musician and arrives on the scene as a new underdog – with his brother, Sam Fender, paving a way forward in the industry, Liam says: “I haven’t chosen to do this, it’s just in my DNA.”

Despite the familial success, Liam strives to keep things earthy and honest, operating in a genre he has anointed “post-industrial romance”; influenced by Nick Cave and Leonard Cohen, the music articulates his hometown struggles while maintaining a sense of optimism.

“My music’s deeply rooted in where I’m from: it comes from a real place,” he states. “There’s a distinct sense of a bygone era, but in all that you find real people, real voices, and real stories.”

Kicking off an exciting new chapter with more tunes soon to follow, Liam is beginning his career with a bold and hopeful release – something the world needs more of: “‘Love Will Conquer’s universal message of togetherness, belief in better times, and the importance of connection has only grown more poignant amid the turbulence of recent years.”

The song arrives alongside a semi-autobiographical music video set in the Fish Quay of his hometown North Shields, and featuring actor Jacob Anderton.

You can listen to ‘Love Will Conquerhere, and watch the music video below:

Liam Fender will play his first-ever live show at Newcastle’s Riverside on December 8th.

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