Listen to Code Orange remix two Alt-J songs

'Adeline' and 'Hit Me Like That Snare' are given an industrial reworking.
Code Orange are a metallic hardcore band from Pittsburgh, whose third album ‘Forever‘ is a groundbreaking surge of emotion, tension and release.

Alt-J are friendly next door neighbour types, whose third album ‘Relaxer‘ sees them sprawl and turn inwards.

Basically, they’re as far apart as two bands could be.

Which is probably why the remixes Code Orange’s Shade has done of two Alt-J songs sounds so wonderfully outrageous and utterly spellbinding. Nothing about them should work and yet…

Check out the reworked ‘Adeline‘ and ‘Hit Me Like That Snare‘ below.

Hopefully Alt-J will soon return the favour. We’d love to see what they’d make of ‘Kill The Creator‘.

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