Little Comets show an uncommon ear for the odd-pop banger on ‘Common Things’

It's a slice of fantastic indie off the wall pop music, with a fearsome earworm hidden within.
Little Comets know what we need right now. As the world goes to hell in an unnaturally orange handcart, we’ve got a serious requirement for bangers. As luck would have it, they’ve got something that just might help.

‘Common Things’ is a slice of fantastic indie odd-pop, with a fearsome earworm hidden within.

“Me and Mickey wrote this one in his garage after he had been playing this riff over and over for about three weeks,” explains the band’s frontman Rob Coles. “It came to him in a dream I think. We kind of adapted it into the chorus but had real problems coming up with the verses for ages.”

“I think what helped is that the chorus line paints a real picture of what the verses should be about. It was just a case of filling in the bits of the story which fed from the idea of a couple being satisfied with just the simple things.

“I suppose it is semi-autobiographical up to a point as I am quite a simple person and take more from the gaps than the need to fill them.”

You can check out ‘Common Things’ below.

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