Liz Lawrence has announced news of her third album, ‘The Avalanche’

Check out the record's opening track, 'Down For Fun'.

Liz Lawrence has announced news of her third album, ‘The Avalanche’.

Set to arrive on 17th September, it comes alongside the record’s opening track, ‘Down For Fun’.

Talking about the song, Liz explains: “Moving back [to her hometown] brought up a lot of complicated feelings, and ‘Down For Fun’ is about returning to a place I was desperate to leave for so long. It’s definitely the sort of music I would have listened to when I was last walking down these streets. But it isn’t nostalgic. It isn’t sentimental. All the subcultures and countercultures I was around were very male-dominated, and this is about feeling like there are other options. It’s the words I needed to hear.”

Following-up on 2019’s second album ‘Pity Party’, she says of the album: “I feel like there’s power and aggression in the way I perform live, and I wanted to capture that on The Avalanche. It was a complete pleasure to write. I’d had all that anxiety around releasing Pity Party after such a long period of not writing under my own name. But I was buzzing off the fact that people were receptive to it live, and it gave me so much confidence to make this.”

So there we go. You can check out ‘Down For Fun’ below.

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