Lola Kirke is getting into the festive spirit nice and early with two new Christmas songs

Check out ‘Cross You Off My List’ and ‘Little Drummer Girl’.

Lola Kirke has released two new Christmas songs.

One’s an original, ‘Cross You Off My List’, and the other’s a cover of ‘Little Drummer Girl’.

“It was a much more sombre sounding song that set out to question how to celebrate Christmas in such a fraught environment,” she says of the first track.

“While we’re still conflicted about how to invoke the ‘spirit of Christmas’ in today’s political climate, we decided to revise the song – set it to a more upbeat chord progression and dash it with a bit more hope.

“With ‘Little Drummer Girl’ our intentions were somewhat similar – we wanted to update an old narrative by changing the gender of the character within the song and set the classic to a musical landscape that was both exciting to us and also peaceful.”

They precede two London shows later this month, one at Rough Trade East on 27th November, and another at the Lexington on the 30th.

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