A public appeal: it’s four years since Lorde dropped ‘Green Light’ – please help

There's not actually any news here - it's just been a really bloody long time.

It’s four years since Lorde dropped her huge single ‘Green Light’.


No, Dear Reader, this admittedly isn’t actually news, more your typical outrage that time has passed in an orderly fashion. Still, we figure if we keep writing stories about how long it’s been since Lorde did something, and everyone keeps showing how much they love and miss her on social media, she might actually notice and at least say hi.

Hi, Lorde, if you’re reading this. You probably are, aren’t you? Please drop some new music. We’d really all appreciate it.

In the 1461 days since Lorde released ‘Green Light’, our hearts have beaten over 146 million times, we’ve taken over 50 million breaths, and there are almost 300 million more people alive on the planet. At least according to some website we went on.

Think of all those new toddlers who have never experienced the joy of Lorde inspired euphoria! It’s time, Lorde. It’s time.

Some hopeful souls may suggest it’s coming soon – after it appeared someone had been fiddling with Lorde’s Facebook profile recently. We got an update last year that suggested her third album was starting “to take shape”, it “has its own colours now” and is “so fucking good”.

If you want more of an idea on what to expect, you can read our in-depth investigation, based on Lorde’s taste in onion rings, here.

Four years. Bloody hell.

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