Lorde unveils new number ‘Homemade Dynamite’ at Coachella

It comes hot off the heels of new number ‘Sober’ being debuted at her first live show in almost two years on Friday night
As you can imagine, the world is pretty excited about Lorde’s return this year. We’ve heard Green Light turn us into pogoing bags of joy, we’ve weeped over the stunning ‘Liability’ and been mesmerised by the recently debuted ‘Sober’. Now, we’ve got ‘Homemade Dynamite’.

Performing at Coachella last night (April 16th), Lorde played the track for the first time, asking festival-goers to give it “the biggest fucking birthday” and adding it into a setlist that already boasts those previously unveiled tracks, along with a snippet of that new album’s title track to boot (which may or may not have been sneakily unveiled at her Palm Springs show two nights earlier but y’know – things get cheeky like that).

Lorde’s (inferno-sized) hotly anticipated new album ‘Melodrama’ is set to land on June 16th, so expect us to chat A LOT about how much we’re looking forward to it. Understandable really.

Check out footage of ‘Homemade Dynamite’ from Coachella below,