Los Campesinos! deliver a dose of ‘5 Flucloxacillin’ with their latest track

It’s a sublime slice of what’s to come with their new album ‘Sick Scenes’
Los Campesinos! have a new album on the way, so it’s only right that they deliver up a delectable taster of what’s to come, which they’ve done with new number ‘5 Flucloxacillin’

The track is classic Los Campesinos!, full of straight-talking honesty examining the gap between generations all whilst tackling the subject of self-medication and how its dependency is used in modern life. All wrapped in that care-free wrapping of bright highs and uplifting indie-pop bliss, it’s proof that Los Campesinos! are still delivering the anthems that cut straight to the soul.

Talking about the track to Stereogum, frontman Gareth David explained its origins and story:

As time ticks by and I become entrenched in my thirties I realise I’ve now spent half of my life medicating and self-medicating for depression, acne, countless viral infections and, worst of all, relentless ingrown toenails. Most everyone I know struggles with their mental health and is trying to cope in whatever way they can, while baby-boomers chastise us millennials for the manner in which we attempt to find solace amidst, and fumble out of the mess they made for us.

The band’s sixth studio album, ‘Sick Scenes’ is set for release on February 24th – including the already released stormer ‘I Broke Up In Amarante’. Los Campesinos! will bring the record (and a bloody magnificent back catalogue of bonafide bangers) to their headline UK tour – kicking off at the end of April in Liverpool. You can find out all of those dates just after the jump.

Hit up ‘5 Flucloxacillin’ below,

Los Campesinos! are set to play:


27 LIVERPOOL Arts Centre

28 GLASGOW Stereo

29 SHEFFIELD Queens Social Club

30 NEWCASTLE The Cluny



05 BRIGHTON The Haunt

06 NORWICH Arts Centre

07 BIRMINGHAM Hare & Hounds

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