Los Campesinos! deliver a seismic session of new tracks for US radio

Tales from ‘Sick Scenes’ got a fresh airing on KEXP
Los Campesinos!’ new album ‘Sick Scenes’ has been stuck in our headphones ever since its release, and we really blooming love it. It all sounds even sweeter live, as shown with this fresh session from the guys at KEXP.

The Seattle institution played host to the Los Campesinos!’ lot while they were in the States, and captured a session that burst through the band’s acclaimed new LP ‘Sick Scenes’ in emphatic style – with live versions of ‘I Broke Up With Amarante’, ‘Here’s To The Forth Time’, ‘The Fall Of Home’ and ‘5 Flucloxacillin’ all ringing out with style.

Los Campesinos! released their latest LP earlier in the year, and they’ll mark it all with a string of UK headline shows towards the end of the month – kicking off on April 27th in Liverpool before heading through Glasgow, Sheffield, Newcastle, London, Brighton and Norwich before rounding things out in Birmingham on May 7th.

Trust us, you’ll want to head for a listen to that, especially if their chat on ‘Sick Scenes’ grabs your interestor their guide to Wrestlemania (what a night eh?!). Los Campesinos! are the heroes we bloody well need, and those shows are going to be truly special.

Check out that KEXP session to whet ya appetite below,