Lowertown have shared a new single, ‘Antibiotics’

The duo's debut LP is coming up on 21st October via Dirty Hit.
Photo credit: Savannah Hughes

Lowertown have debuted a cutting and personal new track, ‘Antibiotics’.

The song follows recent release ‘Bucktooth’, as the second offering from their debut album,’I Love To Lie’, due to drop on 21st October via Dirty Hit.

Speaking about the new single, Olivia Osby – one half of the best-friend duo – says: “I wrote ‘Antibiotics’ soon after turning 19 about the clarity I felt after leaving my first serious relationship. During the relationship I got very sick with something similar to walking pneumonia from all the black mould in the walls of his house. I felt like the conditions of the relationship were quite literally poisoning my body and mind, like a sick and funny metaphor.”

“After things were finally broken off, I fully recovered from my illness,” she continues. “For the first time in over a year, I felt like I was starting to heal both mentally and physically. The distance I had from that part of my life forced me to come to terms with how harmful the relationship had been and made me realise what kind of boundaries I should have for myself in the future.”

`You can check out ‘Antibiotics’ here.

The tracklisting for ‘I Love To Lie’ reads:

1. My Friends
2. Antibiotics
3. Bucktooth
4. I’m Not
5. It’s It’s It’s
6. No Way
7. Scum
8. At The End
9. Goon
10. Waltz in Ab minor
11. It’s Easy For Me

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