Lowertown have shared ‘No Way’, the latest cut from their upcoming debut LP, ‘I Love To Lie’

‘I Love To Lie’ will be released on October 21st via Dirty Hit.
Photo credit: Savannah Hughes

Lowertown have released ‘No Way’, the third single from their debut album, ‘I Love To Lie’, which is due to drop later this month.

It follows previous singles ‘Bucktooth’ and ‘Antibiotics’, both of which are also part of the record, which will arrive in full on October 21st via Dirty Hit.

Olivia Osby recalls that the duo, “wrote ‘No Way’ after our first time visiting LA together when we were 19. We were staying in a remote AirBnB with no way to get around besides hyper-inflated and unreliable Ubers. We didn’t know anyone in the city except a few surface-level acquaintances. Avsha and I are both outwardly cynical and dark people so the positive, white, polished nature of the places, people, and events we experienced in that time made our stomachs sour.”

“The culture shock from the slow paces, authentic style of living we knew in Atlanta to the primped, nuanced, and aggressive way people were in LA astounded me,” she adds. “It was a whole other way of talking, thinking, and breathing. I felt extreme disgust with how parasitic and superficial so many interactions were. Every conversation felt like a way to uncover information about who we were, who we knew, and what we had to offer. In the end, I was so tired of all the pleasantries, the forced smiles, and the obsession with status and appearances. LA is beautiful, I like the hills and the sunsets but most of what I experienced in those weeks made me want to hurl.”

You can listen to Lowertown’s ‘No Way’ here:

The full tracklisting for ‘I Love To Lie’ reads:

1. My Friends
2. Antibiotics
3. Bucktooth
4. I’m Not
5. It’s It’s It’s
6. No Way
7. Scum
8. At The End
9. Goon
10. Waltz in Ab minor
11. It’s Easy For Me

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