Lowertown have announced an EP with their new single, ‘Tourist Trap’

It'll be their first for Dirty Hit.

Lowertown have announced an EP with their new single, ‘Tourist Trap’.

It’s a cut from the up-and-comers’ debut EP on Dirty Hit, ‘Honeycomb, Bedbug’, which will be released on 11th December.

“‘Tourist Trap’ was a song written during my senior year of High School,” one half of the duo, Olivia Osby, explains. “At this point in my life, the only thing that existed was an uncomfortable repetitive cycle of going from home to school over and over.

“I felt like I lived in this box where I would do homework, watch TV, write college applications, listen to and write music, then sleep, and then I’d wake up and travel to another box where I would sit for eight hours a day taking notes, being quiet, dozing off, or counting down the seconds until I got to move to the next period of class which felt the exact same as the last.

“I think a lot of us get trapped in a “box” whether it’s the thought loops we get locked into or our daily routine. We can sometimes cage ourselves into this repetitive, mind-numbing cycle that starts to feel like the only possible way of doing things. You kick into this form of autopilot where everything feels deadened, or less exciting and time seems to slip away without you even paying attention to it.

“It can be a hollowing experience being in the box for too long. Like you’re doing all the things you’re supposed to do to get by and you can keep up outward appearances fine enough but you’re just a husk of your complete self and you’re not experiencing life to the fullest extent it can be experienced. You can’t remember a time before living in this “box” and you can’t imagine life outside of it because the unknown is terrifying.”

Check it out below.

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